It was summer, 2017 when a team of graduate interns from Elmhurst University started to design what is now the DISC Professional Styles Assessment. Based on the work of William Marston, the assessment measures across four behavioral preferences, dominant, influential, steady, and conscientious.

Imagine a project, then think about which style is attracted to each part of the project:


The DISC Professional Styles Profile allows you to discover your own preferences, as well as how others interact on a project.

It’s easier than ever to engage your people with the DISC Professional Style Assessment. Our assessment offers your people a unique kind of DISC experience:

  1. At a starting rate of $25.00 per person, our full-color customized report offers a comprehensive assessment and training manual in one easy download.
  2. NO hidden fees such as administrative or membership fees.
  3. NO certification is required to start using our DISC Professional Style Assessment.
  4. Best of all, we offer full support AT NOT CHARGE from your first purchase forward.
  5. Some of our proven training design ideas and support are also free – allowing you to start using DISC as a robust tool today.
  6. Add resources like a fully designed training session, PowerPoint decks and job aids at an affordable cost.


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