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Corporate Learning Institute
is passionate about being your learning provider.

We build powerful, personalized, virtual, instructor-led, and blended learning to develop your workforce. 

We support your learning needs in three ways:

Creative Instructional Design
We are your partner for creating proven learning impact. Name your topic and CLI will help you develop a highly customized training approach. We have the ability to seamlessly blend classroom content with exciting experiential exercises. Our clients count on our creative ability to develop powerful learning approaches and highly useful and customized support materials.

Learning Facilitation
CLI offers a large variety of fully developed training courses from short rapid learning modules to multi-day sessions. Our content can be adapted and customized for your use.CLI facilitates your branded content and consults with you to ensure extraordinary delivery results. In the classroom or online, we are known for our engaging, personal facilitation style.We stimulate your learners with one-of-a-kind hands-on activities yet put your learners at ease so that they can achieve an unparalleled learning experience. Our unique ability to apply learning content to meaningful break-out activities constitutes our hallmark learning approach.

Train-the-Trainer /Coach the Trainer Services
We design training for trainers across a wide variety of subjects and topics – including your own branded content.  Our Train-the-Trainer services includes classroom-based as well as web-based training options. CLI is a leader in developing effective train-the-trainer services.

Why Choose us to meet your learning needs?
  • CLI staff provides you with a no-cost training assessment complete with pricing.
  • Our training topics are almost limitless!
  • Access to our vast number of popular assessments like the DISC, Thomas Kilmann Conflcit Indicator, Denison Culture Survey, EQII,  and MBTI.
  • Our learning content is scaled to meet the abilities and needs of contributors.
  • We design short-term Rapid Learning sessions to multi-day training sessions.
  • We create blended learning formats to allow content to travel from the classroom to web-based options including your LMS or video conferencing platforms. Blend away with CLI!
  • What sets us apart is our track record as the most engaging learning experts out there. Let us share our client reviews with you or let us arrange an interview with one of our valued clients. 

CLI’s Fundamental Learning Core Values

In today’s fast-paced workplace, learning quickly and efficiently is the new normal. CLI specializes in designing and facilitating learning adapted to today’s realities. We have developed learning solutions that meet today’s demanding realities: 

Make training highly relevant and immediately applicable.

Research supports that training is most effective when the learner finds the training relevant to their situation. It’s the “WIIFM” model (what’s in it for me?) that powers our training design. 


Our solution
We customized our training to ensure relevance and ease in application back to the work environment.



Condensed learning times
are the new normal.

Sufficient time is rarely available for learning, yet learning is critical for contributors to thrive. 

Our solution
We have created a proprietary rapid learning process that delivers learning in half the time of traditional training.



Experiential (Hands-on) learning drives engagement and retention.

Adults learn best when they can experience the learning content. We are experts at developing virtual experiential training techniques 

Our solution
We are expert experiential educators capable of adapting materials to a hands-on approach using a variety of modalities, including case studies, experiential activities and role plays -in the classroom or on our Zoom platform.



We have used CLI for a variety of organizational and strategic needs. CLI has conducted various on-site DISC workshops to help our teams gain a better understanding of each other and how to work better together. Many of our teams have undergone Everything DISC workshops and have reported much improved working relations. Their Team Tools Workshop was a custom workshop created to help our teams increase team engagement – this course remains one of our highest rated courses offered to our staff. In addition, CLI has also facilitated senior leadership retreats and provided teams with focused action planning.

Dave Andrews, Manager

Talent Development, American Academy of Pediatrics