Virtual Coaching and Counseling Services

Create personal transformation with our new Connections Coaching and Counseling Solutions services!  We are your go-to partner for personal development – a trusted advisor, coach and counselor ready to help you achieve your goals.

CLI’s virtual coaching and counseling services build skills and solutions you need now!

Counseling Hours now available on Sundays

Workplace Issues Welcome to our Connections Coaching and Counseling Solutions services page.  We combine a coaching approach with counseling services so you can identify real goals and start to work toward accomplishing them on your first visit. 

We believe in solution-based results so unlike traditional coaching and counseling, we work to help you achieve your goals  faster and more efficiently.

Our background and training is in solution-focused coaching and counseling,  and  we  take a collaborative, eclectic approach to coaching and psychotherapy. We believe clients are experts on themselves and a co-collaborator in our work together. 

We offer telecoaching and teletherapy on a sliding scale fee basis. We are a fully licensed and accredited coaching and counseling service.

Working with your Anxiety

Anxiety starts with your thinking process, and the purpose of anxiety is to keep you safe. Feeling safer begins with examining the real danger behind a situation and being able to assign the appropriate level of fear. Only then can you respond appropriately to the situation you are facing. Your thoughts create a feeling or mood, which then prompt action.

We Specialize in:

Personal Counseling

Anxiety treatment
Depression treatment
Adjustment and transition issues
Relationship issues
Personal strategies for success
Trauma and grief
Coping and divorce issues 
Life transitions 
Caregiver stress
Parenting issues
Personal growth

Workplace Counseling 

Coping with change during COVID-19
Emotional Intelligence at work
Leadership development
Career development
Guidance for new bosses
Managing team dynamics

Step 1

We work together to determine your needs and goals.

Step 2

We develop coaching or counseling 
goals and a detailed plan.

In this phase we introduce diverse tools to accelerate progress.

Step 3

Together, we  assess your  progress and adjust the plan.

Step 4

As we near the end of coaching or counseling, we assess your performance gains and create a plan for continued development.

CLI’s coaching Services helps retain talented contributors, improve leadership skills and impact, and support individual contributors where they most need it. Our coaches are doctoral-level practitioners or certified coaching professionals to deliver a guaranteed coaching impact.

CLI provides three levels of coaching services that offer tele-coaching or face-to-face options:

1. One-on-One Coaching Services

Coaching helps leaders and contributors build skills and relationships, resolve conflicts, tackle challenges, and achieve their goals.
Choose tele-coaching or face-to-face options, as well as focus areas including performance coaching, skill coaching or career coaching.
Our expertise in a vast number of assessments allows to accelerate the learning process. See our assessment capabilities here.  

Coaching for Senior Leaders
Our proven executive coaching process helps your senior leaders adapt and acquire the skills they need to maintain momentum and assure performance impact. 

Coaching for High Potential Leaders
We are experts at guiding your developing talent. Our proven processes and proprietary web-based learning aids assures that your developing leaders will assess their skills, learn new leadership models, try new approaches and gain exposure to new management tools.     

Coaching for Contributors at all Levels 
CLI delights in coaching contributors throughout your organization.  We accelerate learning with our proprietary Rapid Learning Tools that surround your learner’s with immediate hands-on simulations and tools.     

2. Professional Counseling Services 

CLI core faculty are licensed psychotherapists with years of experience in solution-focused brief treatment. You will become a partner in your journey from goal setting to goal attainment. We use assessments, tools, job aids and key readings to help you think about your situation in unique ways. 


“CLI has provided the most valuable executive coaching I have received in my career to date. Not only did I feel heard, but I benefitted from the assessment we used and gained valuable insight about my personal impact on my direct reports. This allowed me to adjust my approach and realize huge gains in my department’s performance this year.”

2019 CLI Coaching Client

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