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Build Teams Quickly
and Cost-Effectively

Teams are the workhorse of any organization.

CLI is the expert in building high performance teams, and we provide you with the right solutions on time and on-budget.

Launch, revitalize or develop your teams with our selection of popular training sessions, or work with us to build your own personalized team training program.

Team Building with CLI

Imagine the power of a perfectly aligned and skilled team. We build teams to last through the many challenges they are experiencing and have yet to experience. As your team learning partner, CLI is committed to high standard:


  1. Our team building training is custom-tailored to your organization. We start by identifying your training objectives and vision, reinforce and build upon previous training, learn the language and culture of your organization, and design a team building approach that optimizes our training.


  2. We begin by identifying your team’s needs and current strengths and challenges. We design your program to include your choice of assessments, large and small group discussions, hands-on experiential activities, and action planning.


  3. Our team building virtual workshops  and coaching sessions can be as short as one session or span multiple sessions, with customized topics including resolving ambiguity and conflict, building trust, aligning goals, developing clear interaction values and standards, and anchoring into an action plan.


  4. We review your progress and recommend next steps to assure that your team moves ahead.
Choose Our Team Jump-Start Program

If you don’t have much time, but have a team who needs to improve teamwork, ask about our TEAM JUMP-START PROGRAM. This program is designed to fit into any time frame and includes a needs assessment and/or team assessment of your choice, with a rapid-learning format to build a high performance team. Ask about a proposal today!

Add an Assessment

CLI offers a variety of assessments to compliment your training sessions. See our assessments page to add the right one for your team.

Choose our Virtual Teaming Bootcamp

Build an effective virtual team with our help! We custom-build your coaching or training sessions to  to help you identify where your team is currently fucntioning, and where you want to end up. Virtual teams are unique–needing a special set of skills, agreements andoeprating standards to thrive.   Ask about a proposal today!

Add Personal Coaching for Added Training Impact

Coaching by telephone or Zoom assures that each individual in your training receives the one-on-one attention that coaching affords. Your participants will receive a personalized web-based coaching workbook embedded with their assessment results, journaling space and suggestion for further learning.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop

CLI’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop ®, is based on the New York Times bestseller by Patrick Lencioni. This interactive workshop is available in half-day, full day, or two-day learning session formats.

We begin the session with a web-based needs assessment and deployment of the web-based Five Dysfunction Team Assessment. Next, we use instructor-led classroom and breakout exercises from the book to help your team make progress in their levels of trust, ability to manage conflict, capacity to increase commitment and accountability, and focus on results.

The team will assess their strengths as well as their current level of dysfunction. At the conclusion of the workshop, each individual will know how to act as a cohesive team to build the team’s strengths to reach the results they want to achieve together.