Creating Customized Training Design and Delivery Services:

 Building a Highly Customized Learning Design 

within a Premier Retirement Facility

The Challenge
CLI was asked to create engaging and impactful multi-day training for front-of-house restaurant staff at a luxury retirement center. Resident expectations were high, and new staff felt uncertain about how to provide excellent service while connecting authentically with residents.

 The Solution
CLI interviewed staff to collect information and resources. We combined customized content we collected with our own curated material and designed a multi-day training that was paced to allow practice time for detailed restaurant practices. The resulting program design was co-developed with the client to assure a highly customized learning impact.

 The Impact
The attendees reported excellent learning results. The engagement in the classroom was very high, suggesting that the design time dedicated to the program paid off. Besides the fun and engaging format enjoyed by participants, the client reported significant improvements in front-of-house performance among staff.