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As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one, or the more ideas the more likely you will get a better outcome. Research tells us conflict can obscure the gains made by sharing ideas.

Here are a few meeting facilitation tips to ensure that your next meeting captures the voices and ideas of your people.
  1. Affirm the fact that a disagreement of ideas is happening. Remind the group that this shows that each person is bringing their best ideas in-and not “hiding” from each other.
  2. Restate the main ideas presented.
  3. Offer that an easy or early solution/ answer might work against the goal of getting to the best place possible.
  4. Offer a “Parking Lot” to place important ideas on for longer discussion post-meeting.


It can also be useful to use language that helps lower defensiveness in others. For example:
  1. Affirm each person by offering “great thought…good contribution…useful idea…
  2. Remind the group that “truth springs from argument among friends.”
  3. Urge the group to stop looking for the right answer and look at all possibilities.
  4. Say, ”Let’s think together here…”

These tips are intended to be useful and to help you get the most out of meetings. 


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