Motivated individual contributors often propel effective teams and ultimately determine team output. Unfortunately, many businesses find it difficult to motivate employees these days. In fact, only 33 percent of Americans say they feel engaged at work, according to polling data from Gallup.

To overcome the odds and get your team members excited, try adopting some of these time-tested motivational techniques:

Find Real Meaning
The unmotivated often struggle to find meaning in their daily work activities and therefore feel justified as they gradually detach. You can avoid this situation by regularly showing employees that the work they do means something, Harvard Business Review reported. Inspire individual contributors with communications that tell customer stories and show how your products or services affect lives.

For instance, the international accounting firm KPMG developed an internal campaign that quantified its impact. The marketing push highlighted key moments in company history, including KPMG’s involvement in the Lend-Lease Act, the 1941 legislation that enabled America to fund its allies in the fight against Nazi Germany.

Develop a Feedback-Rich Culture
A little individual attention can go a long way, according to Inc. Magazine. So in addition to citing and rewarding team success, be sure to congratulate individual contributors who make special efforts. Also, offer constructive coaching for team members who underperform. Both of these practices show employees that you care about their career trajectories and are aware of their work within the team.

Lead by Example
As an organizational leader, it’s your responsibility to set an example for your employees. Keep this in mind as you navigate the workplace and exhibit behaviors that promote strong values. Embrace company values and dive into projects with enthusiasm.

If you want to better understand what motivates individual team members, consider deploying the Corporate Learning Institute’s Team Assess Survey. This comprehensive evaluation will help you understand all contributors and get a feel for how they contribute to team effectiveness. Want to take advantage of the Team Assess Survey? Contact the Corporate Learning Institute today!

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