Different kinds of people receive feedback differently. Using the four quadrants of personality theory, there are four kinds of people:

  • Drivers
  • Influencers
  • Steadiers
  • AnalystsDifferent Personalities

Have a conversation with your coworkers to know how they like to receive feedback. Everyone is different.


Drivers are direct and to the point. They are results-focused. When giving feedback to drivers, have your feedback be related to results, focus them on being detail oriented, and on their impact upon others.


Influencers are people-focused and emotionally connected to what they do. When giving feedback to influencers, focus on being sensitive to their emotions and allow them time to respond and talk about what you told them.


Steadiers are people-focused and sensitive to the feelings of others around them. They require more information than the other styles and will need to be encouraged to stretch when change is required


Analysts are detail oriented and standards driven. When giving feedback to analysts, focus on giving specific examples and making sure they understand the feedback given to them. They may need time to respond.


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