How Corporate Learning Has Changed:
CLI’s Own Rapid Learning Workshop Series Comes of Age

By Susan Cain, Ed.D, and Tim Buividas, Ed.D, The Corporate Learning Institute

September 2018

As experts in corporate learning, Dr. Susan Cain and Dr. Tim Buividas prepare companies to develop learning strategies that fit their needs in the digital age.

Training is Changing (Again)
When I first started in the organizational development field, organizational training was often as a multi-day event, complete with off-sites and huge binders. Training today is no longer just a classroom-based, instructor-led event.

Effective training is now often delivered through technology, using “flipped classroom” strategies where students learn online and attend an instructor-led class, or offered through software that was unimaginable even five years ago. eLearning, now over 10 years old, is changing again.

And times are changing as well, as the booming market drives a surge of hiring and training. Employees want bite-sized instructional content (now called “micro-learning”), they want content that is very easy to find, easy to learn and easy to apply when it is most relevant for them.

The Rise of CLI’s Rapid Learning Program

Another trend in the market is that the pace of business has increased, and the time allocated for training has decreased.

With this, many workers especially prefer training to be delivered “just in time” when they need it.

Imagine how Google has impacted this with its lightning-fast information that conditions us to pull up information in just one click.

Engaging Workers with CLI’s Rapid Learning Program

The challenge today for most companies is to provide “just enough” learning without the burden
of time-consuming courses.

CLI has developed a series of short, customizable, easy to absorb, highly interactive learning experiences that drive learning outcomes called The Rapid Learning Workshop Series. The content varies according to the company and is adapted to the specific needs and learning culture that a company needs.

The series combines engaging online-learning with expert-driven classroom sessions that fit seamlessly with workflow. This results in high engagement plus a community-building element so that training is memorable and motivating. Building a sense of community and learning from an expert are two of the most important needs that workers have as the age of digital learning advances.

The Customized Rapid Learning Workshop Series

We designed the  Rapid Learning Series as short online learning components coupled with short classroom instruction. Many clients start their Rapid Learning series online, providing workers with an engaging assessment or video.  Often, workers attend Rapid Learning ’s classroom portion in 1-2-hour bursts first thing in the morning or immediately after lunch.

The Rapid Learning Workshop Series can be designed for your organization with topics that range from learning about your business strategies to hands-on skill building like managing priorities and time, creating a feedback-rich culture or resolving conflicts at work. The workshops build on one another, offering workers opportunities to master topics and apply to learn to work situations.

Get the best of both worlds; classroom and eLearning with CLI’s Rapid Learning Series. Contact CLI for a proposal that will optimize your organization’s learning potential at scain@corplearning,com.


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