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September 2017

 Welcome to our Fall Blog

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Custom-Tailored Training Meets Off-the-Shelf Training
Coaching Lessons from the CLI Archive

Does Adventure-Based Team Building Really Work?


By Susan Cain, Ed. D, LCSW


Well here it is – fall has arrived.  Here at CLI, we think about being in the colorful woods with clients, sipping hot cider and debriefing a team building experience. We live to facilitate real conversations about problems and opportunities that clients grapple with at work. No artificial harmony, just real dialogue, real campfires, real results.


What about your organization? How can you capture the results from training you invest in, and is a “canned” training better than customized training?

We will explore that in this blog. How about coaching? Why and when should you consider using it? And are you crazy to think about going outdoors to build a team? Let’s get started with some thoughts on that as well!

Custom-Tailored Training Meets Off-the-Shelf Training for an Amazing Result

When it comes to training, you have so many options available –where should you start? We have some ideas from our experience that may be helpful:

  1. Define your needs within a numbered list. Then organize the list from most-least importance.
  2. Decide if you need transactional or transformational training. Transactional training is like a drive-through dining experience. Think fast, available immediately – and cost-effective.Transformational training on the other hand is training that will ensure longer-term impact and possibly even transform performance to a higher level. Think about a restaurant providing slower service, greater ambiance, fabulous service, great food, and great company.

Case Study: Can you have both? Certainly—and CLI has found a way to do it. We have combined customized training with off-the-shelf assessments and training products to deliver training that you need—on time and on budget. Training options can include classroom or web-based approaches. We call these sessions RAPID LEARNING TRAINING.

Rapid learning

Our RAPID LEARNING TRAINING sessions are concise and time-bound. They are designed to be engaging, yet offer an abbreviated training experience that builds real, lasting skills. Our approach helps adults learn faster by blending instructor-led training and hands-on learning breakouts. In this way, we switch on participant’s sense of “I care about this skill.” Providing immediate opportunities to apply skills is critical to effective adult learning.

Coaching Lessons from the CLI Archive

Personal and team coaching helps to develop and retain your valuable talent. Personal Coaching can help new employees get a foothold in their culture. Seasoned employees may find coaching useful if they are transitioning in the organization or need to resolve issues or concerns.

Team coaching is beneficial to improve internal relationships and efficiencies and to improve a team’s performance goal attainment.

Three Critical Lessons from the CLI Coaching Archive

We have mastered hard-won lessons that we have learned from our 25 years of coaching:


  1. We have found that coaching is more effective when it begins with an interpersonal face-to-face session before transitioning to a virtual telephone or web-based approach.Our clients report that virtual coaching is effective only when the coach and coachee begin with this face-to-face phase.At CLI, we have developed a rigorous coaching process that can include both approaches.
  2. In our experience, effective coaching includes a focus on emotional support,
    a focus on cognitive insight, and a focus on problem-solving skills and the core competencies needed to perform well at work.We have found all four needs must be addressed during coaching for it to have the maximum impact on performance.
  3. At CLI, we maintain an extensive learning materials database to ensure that coaches receive guided reading assignments.Coachee’s are asked to apply learning directly to workplace situations so that they build skills incrementally, and gain valuable self-esteem as they master each skill.


Together, these four coaching needs, when addressed and satisfied, drive the most effective coaching impact possible.

Does Adventure-Based Team Building Really Work?



Remember when adventure-based learning was all the rage?  The usefulness of adventure-based team training is alive and well, we can assure you! We give you three reasons why adventure-based training is so effective, and why our clients engage us for our expert facilitation:


  1. There is no faster way to develop trust. There is not one activity on our portable team challenge course or ropes course that you can do without the support of others.
  2. The lessons learned transfer directly to work. As seasoned facilitators, we design experiences so that they are metaphors for the current work situations experienced by our participants.
  3. Adventure-based training is a sensory-rich, positive experience. We scale experiences to meet the emotional and physical limitations of our participants. The result is that participants see their experience as rewarding instead of overwhelming.

Contact us to learn more about how we can meet your needs!

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