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Do you remember going trick-or-treating at Halloween? Bounding up the stairs to ring the doorbells of neighbors you knew? How about as you got older and wandered beyond the familiar boundaries of your neighborhood? Did you feel apprehension? Or excitement? What made the difference when you approached an unfamiliar house? Each house and community that you entered left an impression—welcoming, indifferent, hostile. The way that we experience communities in our work environments is very similar.

Community is the neighborhood we live in at work.

When it comes to organizational effectiveness, community building is particularly important. A successfully developed community:

  1. Enhances organizational learningWorkplace Community, Workplace Culture
  2. Elevates innovation and creativity
  3. Strengthens employee morale
  4. Increases a sense of employee loyalty
  5. Increases organizational citizenship behavior
  6. Develops leadership
  7. Helps implement organizational change.

The first thing to do is to start a conversation around all organizational levels about the need to create community, and the importance of developing a positive, affirming workplace.  Start with defining what a community is and list expectations.

Leadership plays a crucial role in building community because leaders can nurture the community by establishing the strong expectations that employees will develop cooperative work relationships and deal openly with problems. In other words, leaders model the way toward becoming a welcoming “neighborhood”.


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