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Customizable eLearning and Classroom Training Options

How to Select a Training and Development Vendor

Almost every company
benefits from external performance development support.  Find out how to select the support you need!

COVID-19 Resources

The Corporate Learning Institute has created training and development resources to help guide you and your workforce through COVID-19 and beyond.

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Customized Training Workshops

Partner with us to offer training –online or in-person that engages your people and leaves them with lasting tools
long after the training has ended. We design, facilitate or train your people to facilitate extraordinary training!

CLI Customized Coaching

CLI delivers expert coaching for leaders and individual contributors needing to work on specific skills or performance gaps.

Diversity Training

Leaders who know how to connect with others and associates who feel connected allow your organization to thrive in a diverse and ever-­changing world. These workshops will help leaders and contributors feel more included, valued and accountable.

Rapid Learning Workshop Series

CLI brings a one-day training academy right to your door-to deliver essential workplace topics that you select. After you select the topic series to present, we prepare an exciting, interactive instructor-led day.

Team Jump Start

Build your team instantly with our Team Jump Start Program! We group challenges that will pull your team together and offer lessons in developing trust, communication, innovation and commitment.

The Leadership Challenge Workshop

Corporate Learning Institute’s The Leadership Challenge Program® is based on six modules, which can be offered in a single day eye-opener session,two-day intensive session or in individual modules at your location.

Leadership Assessments

The Disc 363 is our choice for helping your leaders understand their impact on others, and their performance strengths and challenges.

Situational Leadership II (SLII)

Situational Leadership II (SLII)is a basic supervisory tool that teaches managers how to make decisions and manage each employee based on that individual’s willingness, ability,and capacity to complete a specific task.

Assess Your team with CLI

Measuring and building your team’s performance is critical to their success. Our new team assessment, called Team-Assess™ allows you to self-administer and score your own affordable team assessment. Imagine how your assessment will motivate the team to improve in key areas.

Customized Coaching Services

CLI delivers expert coaching for leaders and individual contributors needing to work on specific skills or performance gaps. But we do it in a highly unique way.

Out of the Box Training

Ignite your Training with a Selection of Proven and Customized Hands-on Activities

Mastering Organizational Change

CLI creates custom-designed
training, coaching and facilitation approaches to help your organization achieve successful change. Sometimes that means a combination of training, coaching, facilitated information sessions, or online and blended learning approaches.

Additional Disc Training Workshops

CLI has been incorporating the Disc into training and coaching services since 1985. We are experts in understanding how to leverage the natural diversity in teams to achieve exponential results.

Meeting Management

Our custom-designed CLI Managing Meetings with Ease lets you customize our core training design and tools for your own unique use.

Everything DISC®

EverythingDISC®profiles use the third-generation of the DISC®assessment—a research-validated learning model—to create a highly personalized learner experience.

CLI’s Customized Team Building Workshops Blend the DISC with Learning

CLI’s Customized Team Building Workshops Blend the DISC Assessment with Instructor-led Training, Exciting Break-outs, and Useful Workbooks and Job Aids

Leadership Training

> The Leadership Challenge Program®
> Five Dysfunctions Workshop with our own brand of team building breakouts
> It’s OK to be the Boss Workshop