UX Design 8hours

Coping and Productivity

A Wellness Program Packed with Coping 
and Productivity Skills and Tools

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Dr. Sue Cain



Before the session participants will receive a
letter and information about the Quest.

  1. Learn about the universal experience of COVID-19
  2. Learn about the challenges and difficulties other people face
  3. Learn about how COVID-19 is a temporary and historic pandemic
  4. Assess your stress levels and coping ability
  5. Set goals to overcome obstacles and build hope

This session includes a Learning Journal  to review learning content and record personal thoughts

MISSION 2 : Learn to be a wellness champion, (even during COVID-19!)

1. The crucial role you play and a create a vision of yourself as a wellness champion
2. Learn fundamental coping and stress relief   skills and techniques
3. Hear about how successful wellness champions  are balancing home and work stress
4. Develop a list of those you support and generate ideas for managing them during the COVID-19 pandemic

This session includes a Learning Journal  to review learning content and record personal thoughts

MISSION 3 : Planning and Resources for Successful Coping and Productivity

1. Review your goals to be a wellness champion
2. Celebrate little wins and learn to use gratitude as a stress reliever
3. Learn about resources available to combat stress
4. make an action plan to relieve stress
5. Make an action plan to build productivity at work

This session includes a Learning  Journal to review learning content and record personal thoughts. This final journal will include an extensive COVID-19 reading and resource list

Sue Cain


Dr. Susan Cain, CLI Partner is a creative instructional designer, strategist, author, executive coach and facilitator. Sue bring her clinical skills and insights into her work with clients.

She has across business sectors worldwide with organizations including Kellogg, Cirque Du Soleil, Disney Federal Credit Union, Kerry, Tellabs and Whirlpool. 


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