An Interview with Dr. Susan Cain and Debbie Roberts-Loucks, co-authors of Life Lessons from the Man Who Listens to Horses.

Monty Roberts

This interview was conducted by Ron Skubisz of The Corporate Learning Institute to find out more about the forthcoming book, Life Lessons from The Man Who Listens to Horses, written by CLI’s Dr. Susan Cain and MPRI’s Debbie Roberts-Loucks.

Skubisz: Why did you write the book?

Cain: We wrote the book to reintroduce the New York Times Best Seller, The Man Who Listens to Horses, back into the public eye. It’s such a great read. The book is packed with lessons that make it not only a great read, but a great learning tool as well. We wanted to elaborate on some of the lessons from the original book.

Skubisz: Why do you call your new book a field guide?

Robert-Loucks: We call it a field guide because it is a companion to The Man Who Listens to Horses. It can be read along with the book, read alone, or even read years after reading The Man Who Listens to Horses.  The field guide call outs interesting lessons and asks readers to apply questions and concepts to their own lives.

Skubisz: Can you give us an example of a lesson that readers can apply?

Cain: Sure. Early in Monty’s career he experienced tremendous opposition to his training concepts. It was shocking for many to think about training horses without pain and force. The whole concept of “breaking” a horse was to force them to submit. Monty found another way. His discovery of Join-Up showed that training is even more successful when you build trust instead of using force. We created a way for readers to capture their own experiences, their own discoveries, and put them into a format to think about.

Skubisz: So does the field guide follow the chapters and lessons from the original book? Will it available as an eBook?

Roberts-Loucks: It does. And readers can read both together, or one at a time. The Life Lessons from The Man Who Listens to Horses will soon be available for purchase as an eBook on, and will also be available in a print edition as well.  The exciting thing is that it is also a live workshop that can be offered anywhere in the world.

Skubisz: Last question. Is Life Lessons from The Man Who Listens to Horses created for horse enthusiasts only?

Cain: No, just like Monty’s first book, The Man Who Listens to Horses, Life Lessons from The Man Who Listens to Horses will appeal to people who appreciate a great story, are on their path to personal development, and are serious about learning from others. It’s another nudge that Monty’s work gives to leave the world a better place for horses, and people too.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Susan Cain at, and Debbie Roberts-Loucks at | The Corporate Learning Institute | Monty Roberts

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