CLI’s Tim Buividas was recently featured on the show We Own What?, as he worked with a couple struggling with financial debt. Click here to watch the full episode on The Live Well Network

Tim Buividas

Interview with Dr. Tim Buividas: The Surprising Truth about Building Trust

Sue: You were on the Live Well Network!

Tim: This network is all about promoting healthy life styles. I was on the show, You Owe What?. The show is about helping families who are struggling financially.

Sue: Wow. Tell us about your segment.

Tim: Well, I worked with a couple who were featured on the show. I created several challenging activities focusing on trust.

Sue: Trust?

Tim: I chose activities that would literally require trust to complete. The activities opened up a great conversation between the husband and the wife.

Sue: But even more happened?

Tim: There was ambiguity between the couple. The activities required an honest conversation about what each needed to remove the ambiguity. In this case and in so many others, people sometimes hide their real need for support to “protect” the other person. Taking on all of the struggles alone does not build trust.

Sue: What was the upshot of the session?

Tim: Sharing their financial struggles reestablished trust and allowed the couple to move forward and make a solid financial plan.

Sue: How does these concepts transfer to work?

Tim: The first job of leaders in an organization is to tell the truth and help everyone understand the priorities, struggles, and the needs of the organization. Clarifying and over-communicating the organization’s needs is job one. Then opening up conversations about the support each person needs and can extend to others is critical. No one has to operate alone to achieve an organization’s goals.

Sue: Thanks. Great show.

Creating a culture of trust in your organization is important for two reasons:

1. Shared information travels across relationship “trust paths” in organizations. Trusting relationships allow for the exchange of information, needs and wants.

2. Trust allows shared support which is vital for reducing anxiety and increasing well-being.

Start your organization on the path toward a culture of increased trust. CLI designs custom-built workshops, coaching sessions, and training programs to assess and build a culture of trust in your organization. Take a look three programs that CLI offers that can help you to build more trust within your organization:

For more information please visit or contact CLI at 1.800.203.6734

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