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CLI Announces the Expansion of Coaching Services to Offer Personal Coaching

CLI is expanding its successful Rapid Learning Coaching Program to offer Personal Coaching, giving private clients a chance to benefit from their breakthrough coaching process. Dr. Susan Cain, LCSW, heads an already successful corporate coaching program for individual contributors, teams, managers and leaders at CLI.

Dr. Cain has a special focus on life coaching, business relationship improvement coaching, career exploration, personal risk-taking and leadership coaching. “My own experience and education have provided a framework for me to work with teenagers struggling with motivation, families at an adoption or infertility crossroad, families in crisis making important transitions and decisions, and adults needing career guidance or skills for building their future,” said Cain. “I work with clients who want to develop the readiness and ability to make changes in their lives and careers. If you are ambivalent, lack clarity, or feel unsure about your life or future, I will work with you to help you move ahead.”

Dr. Cain’s unique action-coaching approach is the product of over 20 years in practice and can be delivered over the phone, in person, using video conferencing or a hybrid of the three. She has developed a web-based coaching tracking process that includes a workbook, assessments, and useful materials and tools.

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For more information, contact Sue at, or review her Psychology Today profile here

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