Leaders in Transition Benefit from the  

CLI Professional Styles Assessment  

The Challenge
The people at Fort Dearborn have been involved in ongoing change within the organization. One area that has been particularly affected is Customer Service Sales and Operations Support. Many contributors in these areas were asked to step into management and leadership roles to lead former peers.  

The Solution
CLI developed a one-day program to address several areas: managing during change, understanding self and others using the Professional Styles Assessment, learning key coaching and delegating skills, and how to talk to others about change. The session was divided into modules with a take-away tips in a pocket-guide for easy reference.   

The Impact
Each manager received a personal report, and team profiles were generated for each manager’s team. Manager could then work with their teams to understand the four-basic personality/communication styles and how the styles blend, clash and interact with each other.

Managers also received training tools, including an outline and agenda for a weekly one-on-one meeting, a process to delegate and set goals, a feedback, approach and some quick steps for managing resistance to change. Managers were also offered personal coaching sessions to start a personal plan for managing others.