Facilitating Strategy in a Healthcare Setting

The Challenge
CLI was asked to facilitate a strategic planning session for physician-leaders in a healthcare setting. The time allotted was brief and the expectation for the start of a strategic plan high.

The Solution
CLI engaged the physician-leaders in several information sharing meetings to assure the most useful approach possible. A half-day session was developed to focus on two priorities: bringing a new team together for the first time and setting a direction for the group’s strategic mission. 

The Impact
CLI developed a fast-paced “getting to know you” module so physicians could share personal and professional information. A faux personal “Facebook” page was developed to display information about each physician. The group’s comfort level improved as they learned about each other, and turned their attention to developing a unified list of priorities to address. The group generated a multitude of ideas using CLI’s proprietary shared idea management process. Expert facilitation allowed the group to quickly leap-frog from idea sharing to prioritizing ideas and building out the start of an action plan.

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