Coaching Leaders: Building a Legacy of Leadership Capabilities at Kerry

The Challenge
Kerry is a fast-growing and change-oriented giant in the foodservice industry. In order to develop top talent, Kerry instituted a blended learning and coaching program designed to connect high performing leaders with online courses at elite universities, provide personal coaching and engage leaders with special projects. CLI was selected to provide personal coaching to leaders during the course of the program.

The Solution
CLI’s coaches were assigned leaders to engage in the coaching process. Both in-person and tele-coaching were employed to maintain consistent contact. CLI developed e-learning coaching guides to help coaches recall the coaching discussion and to work forward on goals.

The Impact
Leaders came away from the leadership development program with a rich array of resources, finely-honed skills and completed projects. The coaching process allowed leaders to work simultaneously on personal development issues and needs as well as tactically on projects which benefitted the company.